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New neck

A correctly dimensioned and properly positioned neck is crucial for the functionality of an instrument. A skilled violin maker / repairer can also use the neck to make significant tonal adjustments. There are many variables in neck dimensions and most makers have their own views on what is optimal. If the neck has been broken, or excessively worn, it may have to be replaced.  in this example the old neck had an accumulation of minor problems and the quality of the instrument justified the expense of fitting a new neck.

The procedure outlined here is the same as that to which most classic period instruments were subjected in the 19th century when the broad, low angled baroque necks were replaced with modern necks.  The scroll, which must be preserved as part of the original instrument, is grafted onto a block of wood which will be used to form the new neck.

crooked_head neck_wedged neck_off_line saw_neck_sides saw_at_button_1
saw_at_button_2 bush_pegs trim_bushings off_with_it_s_head the_bone_pile
cut_mortice clean_up_mortice check_mortice mark_tennant check_alignment
counter_forms glue carve_out_pegbox new_board board_on_